Bible Reading Plan - 2021

Join us this year in reading through God’s Word.

This year Valley will be reading through the Bible using the The One Year Bible. If you would like to join us, here are a few recommendations:

  • Decide what you want to do (read through the New Testament or the entire Bible).
  • Pick a time of the day that you will most likely be able to focus and be uninterrupted, and then put this in your calendar and set an alarm!
  • Explore ways you can read The One Year Bible. Recommendations and links are listed below.

Each Monday Pastor Matt will release a Verse of the Week video with a short recap of the reading as well as a memory verse for the week. When we start a new book of the Bible, we will attach a link to an overview of that book from the Bible Project.

The Bible Project New Testament in One Year Plan

  • On the YouVersion App: Click on the search button and type in: Bible Project New Testament. Bible Project NT in a One Year plan should come up. Click on the plan. Click Start Plan.  
  • If you would like to get caught up so Day 3 is January 3rd, read day 1 and click the "3 dot settings button" in the top right of the screen and click "catch me up."

One Year Bible (YouVersion Link)

  • Go to plans / find plans /through the Bible / whole Bible / The One Year Bible (picture of trees on it - not the chronological Bible)
  • Select the Bible translation you want. If you don’t have a preference, we recommend the NLT.  You can use any of the translations for further study.

Prefer a hard copy of just the reading schedule?

One Year Bible daily reading schedule

Are You In?

 Great! Then “sign up” so we can pray for you and provide encouragement and help along the way.

Additional Resources

One Year Bible - Physical Copy - Amazon Link

The Bible Project New Testament videos on YouTube

One Year Bible website

The ESV Study Bible

The NIV Study Bible

The NLT Study Bible

The You Version app

The Blue Letter Bible app

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