Worship at Valley Community is not just confined to an hour or so on Sunday mornings. We believe God's desire is for His children to worship Him with every aspect of their lives, 24/7. This includes in our homes, in our work places, and in our recreation. However, Sunday morning we meet as a family of believers for corporate or "all-together" worship. Key aspects of our corporate worship include music and the exalting of God's Word and His Son Jesus Christ through preaching and teaching.

Preaching & Teaching

Our preaching and teaching is typically expository, verse by verse, through the Bible. By expository we mean that the communication of truth comes from the text of Scripture. We strive to explain it accurately, simply, and relevantly for people within the culture we live. We believe that God uses preaching and teaching to change the hearts of men and women - and when hearts are changed, lives are changed. Preaching is one of the most important aspects of our worship service and is paramount at Valley Community.


Our music style blends modern worship songs with tastes of our rich Christian musical heritage. Come worship with like-minded believers during the intentional congregational worship of our great God. Combining biblical truth with music, we declare the worth of God and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to worship God and motivate the believers at Valley Community to join us in proclaiming and cherishing the glory of God.